Our Commitments

One of our strongest business anchors at Pace Analytical is our commitment to corporate responsibility, which at its highest level, encompasses many activities. We support this by our commitment to; strong ethics, providing the highest level of service, combining high quality with best available technology, contributing to economic development, highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship, and improving the quality of life of our staff, their families, and our local community. By focusing our efforts on these core interests Pace National is the "Lab of Choice" for our clients, community, and staff.


Mission, Vision, Values
  • Our Mission

    To be the Lab of Choice for our Clients and Staff Owners

  • Our Vision

    To lead our industry in Quality, Service, and Productivity

  • Our Values
    • C Client Focused
    • H Honest with our Clients and Staff
    • O Open & Shared Financial/Operation Information
    • I Innovative Solutions and Systems
    • C Committed to Excellence in Our Operation
    • E Environmentally Responsible and Excellence in Safe Practices



Environmental Sustainability

“Pace promotes actions that are good for the environment and good for business”

Pace adapts to necessary changes that aid in reducing our environmental footprint. As a result we lead the industry in technological innovation and green initiatives.

Our ambitious goals to reduce solvent use, while providing high quality results, compliments our ongoing pursuit of operational excellence.


Pace National provides analytical support over the entire US and carries formal Accreditations in 48 of the 50 states. Our facility and quality program are audited annually by multiple agencies which enables us to keep up with requirements and changes to compliance programs in real time. Since 1998, Pace National has also maintained accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard by multiple agencies, thus allowing us to readily gain DOD accreditation in 2009.


Pace continuously raises the bar when it comes to green initiatives, laboratory instrumentation, and new methodology. We have an ongoing search for instrumentation and new methodology that is greener, more efficient, and provides the best quality data to our clients. Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation is recognized as the "go to" lab for demo instruments from many of the industry leaders in environmental laboratory instrumentation. Each year Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation beta tests numerous new technologies that are not yet available on the market or ready for mass production.

Community Focus

Pace supports numerous activities in our immediate area and in our client service communities.

Leading by Example

Equipment Donations

Our aggressive approach to using new technology allows us to replace older equipment on a regular basis. Much of what we consider obsolete equipment is newer than what some colleges and universities currently have available. In addition, when we have a surplus of commonly used reagents and chemicals, we offer them to local schools to assist in the education process. We have donated equipment and chemicals to several local institutions, including: Austin Peay State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Trevecca Nazarene University, Mt. Juliet High School, W. A. Wright Elementary.

Charitable Organizations Making a Difference

Pace has a special interest in organizations that improve the quality of life and supports many organizations that focus on activities that combine education, recreation, and therapy to benefit those in need. While Pace supports many organizations, several of them are located in close proximity to our home office in Mt. Juliet, TN. Some examples are listed below.

Thistle Farms
Nashville, TN

Thistle Farms is a non-profit organization that manufactures natural bath and body products. Their goal is to provide skills in manufacturing, packaging, marketing and sales, and business administration to women who have left behind a life on the streets. They provide a residential community and the social support network needed to create the self-esteem necessary to move forward and prosper in society.

Southern Starrs
Lebanon, TN

This organization is local to Pace and many Pace staff members are volunteers for this program. Starrs is a therapeutic equine riding program that is open to any individual 3 years and older who has been diagnosed with a physical or mental disability. The program offers an indoor riding facility that is designed to allow for year round sessions to serve as many students as possible.

Charis Health Center
Mt. Juliet, TN

This organization provides healthcare to working uninsured residents of Wilson County.

Mt. Juliet Help Center
Mt. Juliet, TN

Established in 1982, MJHC combines the efforts of several local churches efforts to provide quality short term emergency assistance delivered with warmth, compassion, and friendliness while being a church and community partner and good neighbor.

Natural Disasters and Emergency Funds

Pace has a long history of providing donations to disasters across the US. Our donations are given through the Salvation Army, United Way, and Red Cross. We have provided funds for disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy, Tornados in Oklahoma & Missouri, and our own 2010 Flood in Nashville, TN.

Staff Member Choice

Pace has an employee match fund that creates a conduit for our staff to donate when situations arise. This has allowed smaller non-profits to benefit through the passion and belief of an Pace staff member. Many of our team members volunteer or support their chosen organizations and our corporate belief of family and community is what has fueled our ongoing dedication to this program. We have a long list of recipients, but a few examples are: Wilson County 4-H, MJ Little League, Animal Shelter, TN Environmental Council, MJ Senior Center, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society, MJ Rotary, National Fire Safety Council, Agape, Boy Scouts of America, multiple locarap">

The Pace Wellness program is one of the most valuable benefits available to each Pace staff member. We recently earned the honor of being a finalist in the "Healthiest Company" contest in Nashville. Our program promotes wellness in multiple ways therefore offering choices to appeal to all levels of health consciousness.

Some features offered on site are as follows:

  • Lunch & Learn - specific topics are offered by area specialists in nutrition, exercise, medical screening, and healthy living
  • Biometric Screening
  • Physical fitness facility
  • Yoga classes
  • Zumba
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Weight Watchers
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Company Garden
  • Staff exercise competitions (ie: "Walktober")

Pace sponsors many local fundraisers that involve physical activity. We have participated in team rowing, numerous marathons, community team sports, and have a very active staff supporting these events. In addition to physical activities we also hold a quarterly blood drive through the Red Cross.

Environmental Health & Safety

Pace is committed to safety in the workplace and the environment. Pace is dedicated to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors by being a socially responsible citizen. Through our Environmental Management System we reduce our environmental impact and prevent pollution, comply with all regulatory requirements and seek innovative ways to continually improve our environmental stewardship. Excellence in environmental awareness, safety, security and health is integrated into all key business decisions and is essential to our corporate success.

The foundation for this program is closely tied to our Environmental Sustainability, Technology and Wellness activities. Our staff members have been actively involved in planning and implementing our environmental management programs, which includes recycling activities. The recycling program starts at Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation, extends to the home of each staff member, and is open to paper, plastic, metal and waste. As a result, Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation averages 34,000 pounds of combined recycled plastic per year. We also sponsor a household hazardous waste collection day and our most recent event resulted in 3100lbs of waste being responsibly disposed.

While many activities drive the Pace Environmental Health and Safety program, strong support and well-orchestrated activities are essential to the continued success of the program. We stay in close communication with local officials, who represent our community services (fire, emergency management, municipal water services, etc.), to ensure that our activities include preparation for all types of health and safety issues.