Program Compliance

Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation is committed to capital investments to improve our facility and to procure state of the art technology. Our analytical capability, capacity and redundancy of instrumentation ensure reliability and a level of performance that is needed to successfully meet the requirements of all types of analytical projects, regardless of the regulatory program.

Our capacity and capability from our single location laboratory is comparable to the collective totals of the network laboratories in our industry without the need for multiple shipments to various locations and the possible delays associated. The most significant benefit to our “one location” structure is the design of our laboratory campus. The facility layout is conducive to accelerated productivity and decreased turnaround time by segregation of storage and processes, and protection of sample integrity by the prevention of cross contamination.

Analytical Support for all Program Needs

Monitoring for Employee Exposure and Area Cleanup of the Following Groups of Analytes:

Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation provides analytical support for all major programs, such as:

  • SDWA – USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act (Including UCMR and Crypto/giardia)
  • NPDES – USEPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • CWA - USEPA Clean Water Act
  • RCRA – USEPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • CAA – USEPA Clean Air Act
  • CERCLA – USEPA Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act
  • DOD - Department of Defense environmental projects/programs
  • USDA - USDA Foreign Soils
  • OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • DOT – Department of Transportation
  • TSCA – USEPA Toxic Substances Control Act
  • NLLAP – National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • Brownfields Program - USEPA
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • State/Agency Specific Programs developed to protect the environment