Method Innovation

Continuous Method Innovation Initiatives

Pace Analytical never stops pushing the bar higher when it comes to green initiatives, state of the art laboratory instrumentation, and new methodology. We constantly search for instrumentation and new methodology that is greener, more efficient, and provides the best quality data to our clients.

Beta Testing New Equipment

Pace National Center for Testing & Innovation is recognized as the "go to" lab for testing new equipment from many of the industry leaders in environmental laboratory instrumentation manufacturers. Each year we beta tests numerous new technologies that are not yet available on the market or ready for mass production. This provides us with the first chance to learn and work with new instrumentation and begin method development often 1-2 years before other labs in our industry have the opportunity. In many cases these beta tests result in the vendor customizing an instrument to our exact process needs as we provide feedback for improvement.

Solvent Reduction & Green Conversion of Processes

By constantly searching for better technology we have the chance to set standards in our industry for data quality and efficiency. Examples of this would be SW-846 Method 3511 combined with large volume injection (LVI) and 3510 reduced volume (RV) extraction. Pace Analytical quickly recognized that with LVI and RV instrumentation and techniques we can reduce our solvent usage, require far less sample, and provide more consistent data. With these 2 methods we have decreased our environmental footprint, saved on shipping costs, reduced client sampling times, and provided better quality data. Once the advantages of these techniques were discovered we quickly expanded the number of complete instrument setups that feature LVI to offer these benefits to all of our clients.

Solvent Recovery

In the organic extraction lab we are not only reducing solvent usage by using LVI and RV techniques, we also recollect our methylene chloride at the concentration step. In 2004 we purchased several Buchi concentration systems that offer solvent recovery options. These units allow us to recover 90% of our solvents used in the extraction laboratory, which we subsequently sell for repurposing in another commercial industry. We won an award in 2004 from the Environmental Business Agency for green initiatives in solvent recovery.

Gas Substitution & Conservation

In the volatile organics laboratory new auto samplers are constantly being beta tested so that Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation can be the first to employ models that can provide faster run times and better chromatography. The Volatiles laboratory is also testing numerous carrier gases to reduce Helium usage to decrease costs and insure supply issues do not arise. Hydrogen and Nitrogen are used for various analyses as they are less expensive and more readily available. This successful research means that current or future issues with Helium availability will not affect Pace Analytical's ability to grow and increase its analytical capacity.

New Technology

Pace employs new technology and custom equipment to increase productivity, reduce turnaround time, improve quality, and reduce our overall carbon footprint. Much of the technology that we purchase is customized to our needs, prior to delivery.

Changes in technology require laboratories to be flexible where methods are concerned. Many times, technology passes the capability of the available approved methods, therefore we are always finding ways to incorporate better equipment and continue to meet or exceed the quality requirements of the analytical method.

Pace takes every opportunity to participate in EPA workshops to improve and revise methods. Our technical staff is active in a number of forums where we can make recommendations regarding techniques and new methods.