Data Deliverables


Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation provides its clients with comprehensive management for analysis and reporting of environmental samples. Clients are provided with sampling kits that are customized to meet each project's unique requirements. After the samples are received by our laboratory, clients can monitor their samples during every step of the analysis and reporting process. Client access to their project information is available through our secure web portal. The sample process is completed with delivery of a final report package that meets the project's specifications. Our customized LIMS supports all aspects of the laboratory analysis and reporting process.

Sampling Kits and Supplies

Pace Analytical makes it easy for clients to obtain sampling kits and supplies. Each sampling kit is designed to be simple to use in field. The kits come with the appropriate containers, preservatives, labels, and paperwork.

To order kits, clients may contact Pace Analytical’ s Project Managers and describe their project's testing needs. The Project Manager will have the appropriate containers shipped to either the client's office or job site.

Sample Login

Once the samples have arrived at Pace Analytical National Center for Testing & Innovation laboratory, they are quickly logged for analysis. The login process matches the samples to kits through a unique identification system that starts with the original chain of custody that was shipped with the empty sampling containers. This identification system allows the kit information to be transformed into samples ready for analysis in seconds.

To ensure accuracy, the clients are emailed a login confirmation that summarizes the testing to be performed and a scanned copy of the chain of custody. The PMs also review the login confirmations and associated chain of custodies.

Sample Analysis and Review

Pace Analytical’s customized Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) keeps the analysts and TSRs informed about the sample's progress through the steps of preparation, analysis, review, and reporting. Analysts in the laboratory use the LIMS to select samples for preparation and analytical batching. The LIMS is linked to analytical instruments in order to capture and record the analytical data directly to minimize the need for transcription and possible errors. The QA/QC department reviews the data through the LIMS interface and then uses the LIMS to approve the data for reporting.

Sample Reporting

The PMs are notified by the LIMS reporting tools that data is ready for their final review and release to the client. When the PMs have approved the final reports, the reports are emailed to the clients directly via LIMS. Reports can also be mailed if needed.

Pace Analytical offers many different reporting formats. The formats are customized to meet local, state, federal, and client specifications.

When a project specifies data validation or additional information, data packages containing QC and raw data are also available. These packages are designed to provide either state specific formats or CLP-like forms.

Clients are importing lab data into databases and software in order to analyze and prepare environmental reports. Pace supports the clients by producing Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) on request. Pace has developed over 150 custom EDD formats for clients as well as EDDs compatible with popular software programs.

Clients can discuss their reporting, data package, and EDD needs with their PM. PMs can designate the reporting, data package, and EDD requirements when the sampling kit is ordered.

Examples of Report Formats

  • NPDES with analyst, prep and analysis dates
  • Wet weight and dry weight results for solid matrices
  • Air analyses in ppbv and ug/m3
  • Florida qualifiers
  • MDL, RDL, or SQL reporting limits
  • Selected State drinking water report formats

Examples of Data Packages

  • Auto QC2 - summary of Blank, LCS, LCSD, MS, MSD, and Duplicate information appended to the standard analytical report
  • QC2MOD - similar to the QC2 but customized for OH, AZ and other state or client specifications
  • QC3 - CLP-like forms without raw data
  • QC4 - CLP-like forms with raw data

Examples of EDD Formats

  • SEDD
  • NEDD
  • ADR
  • QUA08
  • Locus EIM
  • EQuIS 4 & 5
  • EFW / EQ / EZ
  • Enviro Data
  • DumpStat
  • Promium
  • (AZ) ADEQ
  • (CA) GeoTracker
  • (CO) COGCC
  • (FL) ADaPT
  • (TX) TEDS
  • (WA) EIM
  • (WY) WDEQ